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Our Christmas Fair was a Great Success

Well the last weekend of November 2023 has come and gone, and this was when we held our annual Christmas Fair this year. The weather was great, the marquee was up and everyone's stalls were set out with beautiful wares, crafts and foods. Much of it locally produced and making so many ideal gifts for Christmas.

Then when the gates opened, we were flat out. The car parks were full, even the lane was full of parked cars, and everyone was having a great time. Rattlemouse Antiques and Blossom & Twigs were doing great business and in The Quirky Teapot, every seat was taken and at times the queue was back to the door. And you could barely see over the shoulders of other folks all around the stalls in the marquee. It was great, and just one of those lovely pre-Christmas events that just worked perfectly.

And we'd like to thank everyone who came of course. We hope you found something nice to take home and enjoyed the experience too. Certainly in The Quirky Teapot we'd never seen so many cakes eaten in such a short period of time! Brilliant.

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